Any natural remedies for breathing?

For the past two nights I’ve been having trouble breathing right now I’m not able to go to the doctor so does anyone have any natural remedies for breathing and also if you can some websites…

Thank you


  • my_way_home_is_through_you

    it depends if the problem is from your sinuses or your lungs. if it’s from you lungs, then definitely try a neti pot. If it’s your lungs, then try some essential oils. Basil is a good one. (Extract from wikipedia below)

    Health effects
    Recently, there has been much research into the health benefits conferred by the essential oils found in basil. Scientific studies have established that compounds in basil oil have potent antioxidant hence anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-microbial properties.[3][4][5][6] In addition, basil has been shown to decrease the occurrence of platelet aggregation and experimental thrombus in mice.[7] It is traditionally used for supplementary treatment of stress, asthma and diabetes in India.[8]

    Hope this helps

  • frankly_the.beth

    I read somewhere that rubbing butter on your nose, at the bridge- right between the eyes -opens up the airway and you can breathe better.

  • tongueflix

    As a natural remedy for breathing, I recommend a goose down pillow.

  • Audiofreak

    I’d say the easiest remedy for breathing is to simply kill yourself… then you don’t have to bother with that annoying holding-your-breath part.

  • Betty Boop Oop De Doop

    If you are all mucusy, go run the water in the tub real hot and breath in the steam.

    Sleep with pillows under your back and shoulders…to put the chest on an angle and slightly elevated.

  • Marlon E

    You may want to try a neti pot. It clears out the nose by running water through your sinus’s.

    Wikipedia talks about it in it’s nasal irrigation article.

  • Why can’t you breathe normally?
    While some times I have breathing problem because my heart is sick and some times it beat too slowly. It may have no causes, happened casually. Once upon a time I got my heart sick because I was scared by a picture of monster from another’s cellphone before I went to bed.
    When I feel hard and lack of oxygen although I breathe hard and go to the draught places. And when it happens don’t lay down, sit or stand up until you feel better. Once I have a serious situation that I couldn’t open my eyes and all I could do is breathe like having a asthma. I went to hospital when I felt better and after I checked everything I was fine.
    I think you don’t need a doctor. They can’t help. If it is not too serious and the situation lasts only a quarter or so it doesn’t matter.

  • udaya k

    keep fingers closed by Index finger touching the line joining the thumb and palm. You will be able to draw in more air by this mudra. Just google Mudra and you will find a lot of sites explaining it. The mudra I have told you above is a slight variation to the gyan mudra. But going to a doctor is a must to know what is actually ailing your lungs. The following homeopathic medicines as per symptoms would help you with breathing. Antim Tart 30. Aspidosperma Q. Bryonia 30, Arsenic Album 200. Blata Orientalis 6C(in case of Asthmatic ailments).

    Medicines should be used in consultation with doctor.

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