any home remedies for a colon cleanse?


  • Goldista

    To begin colon cleansing, you must take adequate amounts of fiber, 25-30 grams daily, dissolved in water or in food.

    Drinking water is essential for a healthy colon. To stimulate the natural peristaltic action, a person should drink half of his or her weight in ounces of pure non-carbonated water. For example, if your weight is 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water, which is approximately 2 liters. If you drink enough water and consume a sufficient amount of fiber, your colon will restore its function over time.

    Herbs are the great way to perform a mild colon cleansing. Herbal colon cleanse recipes help in removing fecal matter, prevent toxin formation, kill the harmful bacteria and parasites, and improve the function of colon muscles to promote natural and regular bowel movements.

    Herbs used in the traditional colon cleansing recipes have been tested for centuries. Basically all herbs in colon cleansing recipes have liver cleansing and cathartic actions.
    Aloe leaf, senna, cascara sagrada, ginger, and cayenne pepper help eliminate impurities from the colon by stimulating bowel movements.

    Every herbal colon cleanse recipe includes some sort of a bitter plant that promotes bile flow to cleanse the liver, for example, barberry which stimulates liver and gall bladder. Fennel and garlic have purifying action on the colon bacteria, as they help killing harmful bacteria. These two plants also prevent gas formation.

    You can buy colon cleansing herbs in most health stores, follow the instructions on the labels carefully. Many great colon cleansing teas are sold in ready to use packets. Use these in moderation to prevent too frequent bowel movements that can dehydrate you. With time and experience you will learn more and will be ready to make adjustments, increasing or decreasing the herbs according to the desired result.

    When performing colon cleanse as a course, continue taking a fiber with your meals in form of wheat germ, oat bran, or rice bran cereals for breakfast. The more lifestyle changes you perform, eating healthy food such as fruit, vegetables, good supplements, and drinking enough water, the more success you will have in returning your colon to a healthy state.

  • Kris Ann

    you can do a liquid diet and just drink juice and water (cranberry and prune juice would probably be the best).

  • zenikim1980

    The only thing I can think of is prune juice. But be careful with wanting to clean your colon. Colonics are good for temporary relief of constipation, but if you try to cleanse too much, it will throw off your electrolytes and cause you serious damage.

    Start loading up on fiber-rich foods and lots of water now. You will definitely see and feel a difference in your digestion and bowel movements right away.

    Check out this WebMd article on colonics.

  • Jimbo

    On New Years’ once i drank at least three and a half gallons of water within an hour. I was playing the water game( its where you play black jack and if you lose drink up) n e way i won but i pooped like 3 times in a row all nasty dark brown black sh!t. this is the cheapest way to clean that colon out good.

  • ladybug

    Best one I ever did. Easy too. 🙂 Others had problems…if you know what I mean. colon cleanse

    GOOD LUCK! 🙂

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