anal masterbation cause health problem?

in dec 07 – jan 08 i was rough will myslef and i think i really hurt myself but at the time i didnt notice any symptoms, about a month later in feb. i started to have abdominal pain, and since the pain has gotten worse, and whole body symptoms have developed, nerve pain/muscle pain and its getting worse still.. i started getting constipated in march and since may i was so constipated i was unable to go for 2weeks at a time, and only with stool softners, now i cant go unless i use miralax 2-3 capfulls a day ( the GI dr. proscribed it , for long term ) i also can not go while sitting on the toilet (i go onto toilet papper while stading) i pass nothing but moosh, and i think thats all i can pass. haveing GI / abdominal pain, and whole body pain, with nerve sensations (even on the back of head and top / left side only on my head ) tests i have had- colonoscopy, CT scan abdominal / pelvis, mutipule blood tests on several different times since feb.
i had high calcium for a while , like march – april , was 10.5 (8.4 – 10.2 is normal) dr. started treating me for chronic pain yesterday with tramadol, and it is causing my GI system to feel .. not good. and urinary retention
only serious answeres from people that can acually help me get the right tests, or w/e remember the muscle/nerve pain and sensations and GI still not working good at all, and things are getting worse all around

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  • NikkoPikko

    You should try colon cleansing…I heard it make you regular and improves your overall health

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