overweight Senior dog with thyroid condition?

I have a senior dog (9) with a thyroid condition and gets medicine morning and night i also give her senior vitamins i was wondering if there was anything i can do to make her very healthy herbel remidies, food,soaks anything to help her i want her to live as long as possible


  • Bozema

    I have had two hypothyroid dogs and both did fine once they were on the medication. One always struggled with his weight and now it’s normal and his activity level is way up. Regular T4 blood tests are important to make sure the dosage is right. Hypothyroid dogs are more prone to allergies, and mine seems to have this problem. I have him on hypoallergenic food (California Natural) and he gets monthly baths because he tends to get seasonal allergies and I want to get the pollens out of his coat regularly. This avoids most of the problems. When he does have problems, we try benadryl first and if that doesn’t work, we visit the vet for stronger meds. But I try prevention first. My other hypothyroid dog had no symptoms at all and lived to 15. With meds, they really do fine.

  • Maggie

    My sister has an 11 year old Sheltie that has overactive thyroid and is on synthroid (or a derivative of). He is still pretty healthy, except for not being able to hear anymore. We make sure we feed our dogs a good brand of dog food without all the fillers like grocery store dog food has in it. Also it should be for senior/overweight dogs. Good Luck with your dog. We love our animals very much but there is only so much we can do for them. They get old just like us!

    Science Diet is very good dog food but a little expensive!

  • Hi,
    I had a dog that had hypothyroidism and was able to live happily with this condition for several years. We did have to constantly monitor her dosage of thyroxizine as she would become too medicated and then would become hyperthyroid. She was constantly gaining and then losing weight, but mostly gaining. I never found anything herbal that would help her, but I always made sure she was on a very high quality food. I found that Canidae Senior/Overweight formula is a very good food and it is made from human grade ingredients meaing that humans could eat the ingredients. Anyway, I know it takes alot of work to take care of a special needs dog, but trust me, she appreciates everything you’re doing for her.

  • kid12202006

    ask the vet for a new persciption for your dog and she has to take that for 3-10 week at the mostand she’ll be much better

  • Alicia M

    Be careful with herbal remedies, clear them with your vet first since some herbs can block the action of prescribed medications. I would not want you to make your dog worse.

    As far as feeding, I do not know what you feed, but I am a huge fan of Kirkland dog food at Costco (as is consumer reports BTW) and I also feed raw and use Hair of the Dog by Doc’s Blend. Hair of the Dog was formulated by a vet and I have seen it work miracles on some hypothyroid dogs I have fostered. Sometimes they have hypothyroid issues because they can not absorb enough neutrients from their food. Hair of the Dog fixes that completely if that is the issue.

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