natural remedies for anxiety and depression?

i’ve been to the doctors about anxiety and depression problems about a 8 months ago. I’ve been going to CBT for about 5 months, but i’ve had a break for about 2 weeks.

these ‘mental health‘ problems are equalling to:
hard to get to sleep*
feeling sick*
tense and a bit shaky*
feeling of failure
angry and upset by smallest of things..

the * points are what are bothering me the post almost 24/7
is there any natural remedies to combat this? or should i go to my doctors?


  • Lynn Henty

    valium is much better than so called natural remedies, most of them give placebo benefits only

    it will calm you if you breathe deep and slow

  • Knolewdgeable

    Just work in alot of the things you like to do in your day or at least a few times a week.
    For example I like taking walks (nature helps heal you and the sun does something to your body that makes you feel good)
    2nd get a pet (perferably a dog) but don’t mistreat it, dogs are well, because they don’t put you down and they care for you no matter how you are =) ( they are not like humans they don’t judge)
    finally (one you need to work on everyday) whenever you think a negative thought stop yourself!! for example saying "i’m a failure" stop no matter what if you failed a test, if a social situation didn’t go well, (SHiit happens try to get over stuff as soon as possible try not dwelling on your mistakes because everybody has them they just let them go )

  • Danielle

    Go to your doctor! Therapy can really really help. I have anxiety and panic attacks too. Maybe look into getting on an antidepressant. it can really help with all the horrible feelings and help you be in a better mood. For natural things maca root is supposed to be good for anxiety and depression as well as a lot of other things too you can probably find it at a store. look for a metaphysical store in your area. they usually know of all sorts of cool stuff to help you. like meditation and yoga classes. I did a past life regression I know it sounds kinda werid if your not into the psychic thing or whatever but it was really cool and gave me some insight as to why I am the way I am with the anxiety panic attacks and phobia. and reiki too. its energy work that gets rid of all that negative energy you have. it really does help I feel like a totally different after I get it done. oh valarian root and passion flower is good too! Hope I helped a little! Feel better and good luck!

  • Lisa Penn

    You should go to your doctors, but this article will help you find out what you have to ask them, to find a possible cause to your anxiety and depression, hope it helps:

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