My neck pulsates and tugs when I get angry, could this be a thyroid condition?

I notice a tug, or a pinch in the left side of my neck when I get angry or upset. It also pulsates and hurts. Could this be a thyroid condition? Or hypertension? It bothers me.


  • Angelbunny17

    Hi. Of course, nobody can tell you it’s a thyroid problem for certain. But what i can tell you is that i suffer from hypothyroidism, and i get the exact same sensations in my neck that you are describing. I would go to your doctor and have your thyroid tested ( it’s a simple blood test ). Good luck 🙂

  • Angela

    i have an under- active thyroid but never experienced but it could be so you need this to be confirmed put a appointment on with the Doctor or nurse and ask them to check for hormonal thyroid good luck sweetie !

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