General Cholesterol Questions?

I went to my doctors a week ago and he read back my bloodwork and everything was fine. Cholesterol Levels were good.

So I don’t have any health problems but it did make me curious on what people with high cholesterol should watch out for. For instance, if a person needs to eat low cholesterol foods what foods would they opt for and what milligrams or daily values should they look for when they look at food labels?

Sorry if this sounds bizarre, I just wanted to know for my own knowledge.


  • alfista

    Foods that naturally include large amounts of cholesterol are eggs(yolk) liver dairy products(cheese butter) beef pork mutton goat. In general high fat foods cause the increase of cholesterol production in the form of bile salts such as glucocholic and taurocholic that are important for the solubilization of triacylglycerols that are the fats so as to be absorbed by the intestine and taken to the liver, the adipose tissue in the form of chylomicrons (a lipoprotein). In the liver the fatty acids are packed in the form of VLDL with cholesterol and apoproteins in order to to be transfered through the blood to other cells.VLDL is hydrolysed to LDL (bad cholesterol) that is the main cholesterol transporter of the body. HDL (good cholesterol ) absobs the cholesterol from the bloodstream and takes it back to the liver for storage. So increasing HDL levels is a solution through following low fat diet losing weight.Fiber plays a major role in deterring cholesterol reabsorption by bile acid sequestration. This means that plant-based fibers in the gut bind to bile acids, thereby preventing the release of cholesterol into the intestines for reabsorption.

  • Raj kumar Jangra

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  • James

    You don’t want to lower total cholesterol. You want to raise HDL. In fact, it’s the total cholesterol to HDL ratio you want to lower. Mathematically you could try to lower cholesterol, but biologically that’s bad.

    Cholesterol isn’t the bad guy in the body. In fact cholesterol is used for the growth and repair of every cell in the body. It’s absolutely essential. And your body produces most of its own cholesterol.

    When you have inflammation in the arteries your body produces LDL cholesterol to perform repairs. The LDL acts somewhat like band-aids over the inflammation. When the repair is completed it’s the HDL that comes along to remove the "used" LDL. That’s the proper function. But when you don’t have enough HDL the LDL can’t be removed so you end up with plaques – or Heart Disease.

    Now the problem with reducing LDL should now be clear. Your body produces LDL when it has inflammation. So if you try to reduce LDL you are fighting your body’s normal repair functions and so you prevent the repairs from taking place. That’s bad.

    Increasing HDL is the only healthy answer.

    And guess what? After all these years of telling us that fat and cholesterol is bad, it’s the saturated fat that helps to raise HDL cholesterol and that protects us from Heart Disease!

    This is one of the reasons I enjoy bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning. Well, this morning I had sausages & eggs fried in a good dollop of lard. And my latest lipid blood-work results were fantastic!

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