clean colons?

is a clean colon the secret to health and vitality ? it’s a paid program and they wont answer their own question, so is it ?
wow i actully got some good responses.
i’m just bored and asking questions from paid programs.


  • chunkychun

    A clean colon helps but just eat a high fiber diet and don’t stick anything in your butt or take any laxatives

  • paki708

    supposedly it is, all those pollutants that are in are body are removed if our colon is cleaned

  • klund_pa

    To each, his own. A proper diet with plenty of fibre and balanced with proper nutrition provide all your body needs. 8 Tall glasses of water each day make for a good way to maintian a clean colon as well. Some people do not eat right and consequently have other issues. Take care of yourself and Nature will work for you too.


    Drink 4-6 glasses of water the first thing in the mornin( even before brushing teeth)g. Take no other food or drinks for one hour. Practise this for one month, you will achieve the status!! Ayurveda and ancient medical science harps on this clean colon aspect and recommends "virechanam"( purgation) periodically but allopathy does not accept the fact.

  • ronald r

    yes its good to remove the bacteria in the intestines,colon ever so often and keep them clean as much as possible without over doing it with laxatives, it can help prevent certain types of diseases of the intestines/colon. in fact I’m doing mine today !! I was told by my doctor who is a cancer doctor to keep mine cleaned as much as possible without over doing it. i hope this answer helps you out.

  • laurenaha

    I have heard that before. It is supposed to give you better health, more energy, and clearer skin.

    Try it and see what you think.

    You don’t need to order the products from TV, just go to the local health food or vitamin store. Usually there are various products available for this purpose.

  • Waukisha

    Most certainly! it helps everything move smoothly so you do not store unwanted waste. It will turn to fat.

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