What are the natural colon cleansing?

How that kind of products work. And where i can get it.


  • Gary Y

    Your colon is self cleansing – that’s only natural method. Products have no health benefits. Colon cleansing is a naturopathic fad not supported by medical science.

    EDIT: @joyfuljen, welcome to the forum. I think you are promoting quackery, but I’m always willing to change my mind. Can you provide evidence that supports the claims made for colon cleansing and alkaline diets – rigorous peer reviewed data only please.

  • xjoizey

    Fresh fruit every day or prune juice.

  • joyfuljen73

    Hi, Rahim,
    Naturally cleansing your colon is a great idea, and will make you feel better! The term "Not supported by medical science" is used by medical professionals who have studied the pathology of sickness, not how to stay well.
    Start with a high alkaline diet- and raw foods are best! Lots of fiber- fresh fruits and vegetables… and stay away from processed garbage! If God made it, it’s good. If it comes from a can, box, or bag, it likely isn’t. Check out this page- I’m not suggesting you buy the products unless you want to, but there’s a lot of good information in it!


    Be well!

  • Your colons sole purpose is extract nutrients, maintain homeostasis (keep you tidy) and keep itself tidy – – drink plenty of water, eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and you will give it everything it needs.

    Giving yourself diarrhea or taking unneeded laxatives is only stressful on your gastrointestinal tract and other organs, and won’t get you any "cleaner" – simply not possible.

    Edit: Alkaline diet? HA HA HA! Now there is a term "Not supported by science!" It’s your lungs that balance your blood pH dear heart – take an anatomy lesson!

  • Faiyaz

    I think you are talking about cleansing. It will take long to say here. Visit the web site. Hope, will get your answer.

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