jobs for doctors of natural medicine/naturopathic doctors?

If you become a Doctor of Natural Medicine or a Naturopathic doctor what kind of jobs do you get?

I mean can these doctors open their own practice? Do they get employment at regular hospitals/health clinics?
do they works at Spas?



  • JeRoMe

    most probably set up their own practice. I’m in school Clayton College of Natural Health I plan to set up my private office. Probably to increase income I’ll probably see if I can do seminars and become a consultant to other places.

    There’s one place in Austin, Tx – The Crossings they have different programs with natural healing.
    Agatha Thrash known for Ugee Pines has her own Retreat Spa, Saniturium.

  • taintedxlove

    I believe they have their own clinics. Or health spas, and work with RMTs, acupuncturist etc. But I dont think they work in hospitals.

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