Effects of universal health care?


What would our health care system look like if we distributed health care as a right to everyone in America? Better? Worse?


  • Kathryn K

    Here is a link to a good socialized health care system:


    I believe in Universal health care. Those that do not are the ones with good health care. Not everyone is that fortunate….

    Health care costs, and insurance companies have run amock…..someone needs to rein them in.

    Of course, most Americans do not realize is that one good disease to a family member will leave them in financial ruin (yes, you too can be the one leaving a jar at the bank begging for $$ to help keep your son alive). At that point, they are crying for universal health care…..

    Sweden is not suffering……we would be fine!

  • confused

    from my experiences i have found the universal health care just made every thing worse. i was misdiagnosed and you couldn’t find a decent doctor anywhere.

  • Barb M

    Unfortunately worse…long waits to be seen for what could be emergent problems (need for emergency treatment), lack of physicians willing to practice in ANY community (if they are in it for the money) much less rural or low income areas; lack of specialty doctors due to low payment; allowing the government to determine who gets treatment and when (?) – that has worked so great in other areas, sure why not? INSERT SARCASTIC SNEAR HERE!

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