Organic vs. All natural.?

Call me a dumb-dumb but I don’t completely understand the difference between the two. I’ve been shopping at an all natural/ organic/ health food store, I like it but I have some questions. …Such as:
Which is really better for you organic or all natural?
Is there really that big of a difference?
Could you recommend some good foods to me, please?

–Thanks ^.^


  • onlymatch4u

    It is very difficult in America to determine what is truly organic and what is natural. We should be able to trust labels and buy natural foods and supplements. Our illustrious FDA is being headed by an ex-Monsanto executive that has successfully allowed ALL genetically engineered foods to be labeled as SAFE. Interestingly enough, Monsanto is making products and promoting this as a good thing in huge quantities. Over 40% of our food is now genetically engineered and thanks to the FDA, NO LABELS telling you that. Don’t you think you should at least have a choice in what you eat? I do.

    Unfortunately, 97.5% of all the bottled vitamins in health food stores have problems with them. They are either old from sitting on shelves too long (feather dusters are very popular in health food stores), contain toxic tagalongs added to pills like magnesium stearate that inhibits the absorption of nutrients by up to 80% and is an immune suppressant and trans fat (most pills contain 5% of the total ingredients of this garbage), improper mixture of ingredients that cause funny reactions or the nutrients to not work right, low grade nutrients like grade 1 or 2 instead of high quality grade 10 nutrients.

    The so called natural ingredients can be things like MSG (monosodium glutamate) that causes lesions in the brain. Many so called natural products sold contain synthetic ingredients to boost the potency.

    The best advice is to stay completely away from multivitamins, buy no pills or capsules from health food stores, and eat foods labeled organic (even though some are not really, it is better than the alternative), and cook your food in olive oil, walnut oil, palm oil, coconut oil, etc. Eat beef from grass fed cows only. Stay completely away from all SOY products and Canola. These are genetically engineered and terrible for you.

    It is simply not easy to find good food in America. The U.S. now ranks 24th in longevity. 23 other countries in the world have people that live longer than we do. 75% of all American die of heart disease. 30% are OBESE and 70% are overweight (fat). You cannot trust the so called experts because they are promoting products being pushed by manufacturers.

    good luck to you

  • Jessica ?

    Let’s take Strawberry ice cream for example. An All-Natural ice cream would contain milk, strawberries sugar…basically natural food, not artificial like added colors, flavors, preservatives etc.

    Organic ice cream is All-Natural ice cream, except the ingredients are organic, meaning they are grown without pesticides or hormones.

    Organic is probably better, albeit more expensive.

  • Sunshine

    Organic means it’s made from ingredients certified by USDA organics. So they really are organic.
    "All Natural" generally means it doesn’t have process ingredients in it, like calcium chloride and other things you cannot pronounce. It is made from familiar ingredients.The ingredients are not organic though.

    "All Natural" is pretty misleading.

  • FreeCheese

    If they use the word organic on the lable, they must meet the national standard for the term "organic." Organic food, defined by how it cannot be made rather than how it can be made, must be produced without the use of sewer-sludge fertilizers, most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, genetic engineering (biotechnology), growth hormones, irradiation and antibiotics.

    "Organic" does not mean "natural." There is no legal definition as to what constitutes a "natural" food. However, the food industry uses the term "natural" to indicate that a food has been minimally processed and is preservative-free. Natural foods can include organic foods, but not all natural foods are organic. Only foods labeled "organic" have been certified as meeting USDA organic standards. So to sum it up, don’t buy something that says "all natural" unless it says "certified organic". Anyone can claim their product is all natural, so organic is always the safe bet.

    There is little evidence backing up claims that natural or organic foods are healthier, but there are theories that the chemicals and preservatives (actually there is some evidence backing the preservative theory) cause cancer. Some of the preservitives in pepporoni and salami called nitrates are directly linked as cancer causes. Also, many animals in the basic meat packing market that get sold to oscar meyer and mcdonald’s and such are treated cruelly. If you’re going to but one organic product, make it eggs. Free range eggs are from chickens that are fed a healthy diet making the yoke (which is very nutrients dense) more nutritous, and they aren’t treated cruelly and forced into horrible cramped conditions.

  • blanzer

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