Home remedies for acne.?

What are some home remidies for acne that work fast…and well.


  • FMitchell

    It depends on how complicated your acne is!
    If it’s mild then, these are some things that worked for me!
    Aloe Vera (my all time fave) works well. It’s a natural astringent (kind of like a toner), it helps to tighten and reduce swelling. Go to a health store and find pure aloe vera gel which you have to keep in the fridge because it’s literally straight from the plant! I put it on liberally at night and it almost peels off in the morning, i love it!
    Honey also works well. We know that skin bacteria play a key part in the development of acne. We also know that honey is anti-bacterial and has been used for thousands of years as an effective skin treatment. So it works well as a natural remedy! Make sure that it’s natural honey, and none of that sugary kind! Try a health store. If you apply it on your problem areas, and leave it for around 15 min, you should see results.

    Remember that some naturally remedies (like other acne solutions) won’t work for everyone, so it’s good to have some trial and error in life so you can find the right product. Sometimes using these natural products with some type of drug-store bought sport treatment with some benzoil peroxide can speed up your treatment, while keeping it mostly natural!

    Good luck!

  • Kelsey

    A couple home remedies for spot treatment includes:

    Baking soda & water…Make a paste and place on blemish until dries completely.

    Lemon juice & Aspirin… Crush up two Aspirin(Must not have coating on outside) and make paste with a couple drops of lemon juice.

    Witch Hazel as a toner is also effective.

    -Toothpaste is said to work, but I believe it only causes more redness & swelling.

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