Are Naps good for health?

Every day I get home for school, I take a nap (from 2-4 hours). Are naps good for health? Do they effect my health or anything?


  • Like my Name?

    Yeah, naps are great for your health. You relieve stress. Dreams help your mental state. You are resting your body. Oh course it’s good.

    All through high school (before I had a job), everyday I would nap from like 3 to 7. Sucks now being in college and working, I have no time to nap. So I’m ALWAYS tired.

  • Little Roy

    I usually don’t take them during weekdays or when I need to get up at a certain time, plus I wake up and feel all confused and disoriented, but if you need sleep they’re good. Although you don’t gain as much energy through naps than you do through nightly sleep, but it’s mostly personal preference

  • patrick

    Generally speaking there is nothing wrong with naps.
    Teens need more sleep than adults, and naps are fairly normal at your age.
    Adults however sleep can actually do more harm than good. The average lifespan of an adult that sleeps 7 hours or less is considerably longer than the lifespan of someone that sleeps 10 hours or more a day.

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