Does colon health probiotic act as a laxative?

It’s the only thing I have in my house and it just says it promotes healthy intestines. Is it ok if I take one pill even if my intestines don’t have an infection??


  • Elizabeth

    Colon probiotic health pills do not act as a laxative. They are designed for counteracting the effects of taking antibiotics. The clue about what they are for is in the name "health" and "probiotics" (that is good bacteria for good health). If you are chronically constipated – and that’s the only reason you should ever contemplate using laxatives, then you should consider a high fibre drink. In the meantime, eat an apple and drink lots of warm water. Do some pushups or running on the spot and soon your bowels will move.

  • They can go either way (help you go, or bind things up when things are too loose), depending on what is going on in the intestine…

  • probiotics are good for restoring the balance between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria in your gut. As Elizabeth says above when you take antibiotics they wipe out all bacteria good and bad so it is important that your restore the good guys as they help with your digestion.

    If you have not been taking antibiotics and take probiotics they can only do good and probably keep you more regular in your bowel movements

    Hope this helps!

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