Arnold’s Way – Raw Food and Eczema + Acid Reflux

Arnold talks with Ken, whose baby Jacob’s full body eczema and acid reflux disappeared on a raw food diet. Ken and his wife had tried various topical creams and seen various doctors without lasting success. “Every night we prayed to God for an answer.” His son used to have open sores, bubbles, and red rash all over his body. Ken’s personal health has also improved while enjoying raw food.


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    Did your Dr ever check your baby for celiac/ceoliac disease?It sure sounds like it. It Dr’s takes an average of 9 yrs to diagnose. The rash sounds like dermatitis herpetiformis,a clear cut diagnosis for CD! IT is an autoimmune disease where you can not eat wheat,rye,barley,or oats. You can not absorb nutrients,BRAIN FOG is also a symptom too! Your body attacks itself when you eat that.

    Eating Arnold’s way has helped me so much! Keep it up Arnold, you rock!

  • God bless you and your work Arnold

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  • Thanks for this video brother. I feel bad for any child that has to go through with having Eczema. I too just started with it on my face. . I was not so smart because I would drink milk and eat cheese every night even though knowing I was Lactose intolerant, at the time I didn’t care. Now I know better . I stopped eating dairy and a lot of processed foods and mostly eat Fruits and Vegetables. I also eat the Aloe Vera Plant. It still has not gone away but is getting better.

  • one trigger for excema food that is not always known is…ORAGNES! I eat a high raw food diet and tried swtiching from orange juice to oranges and whiel cutting them the next day I realized I had a flareup with excema on my hands, I have been drinking orange juice for years with no problems,yet touching them is an issue, there is no cure for everyone,do what works for you, eat high raw but remember ORAGNES CAN BE TRIGGER!!! Hope this helps someone.

  • i belive vaccines are unatural for the body to.

  • Nightshades as well like tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplant. I’ve seen this a lot on the raw forums for people who have eczema and are doing raw.

  • hm…good to know, I know wheat (gluten) can be a trigger as well, thanks!

  • yes gluten is another common culprit. My hands were going crazy so I went off the gluten and definitely noticed a huge improvement.