What Cause Acne and Natural Acne Cure and Treatments

For more please visit remedyforacne.info The video explains the cause for acne problem, type of acne you can get as well as some remedies that you can use. However, I’m a strong believer that you can cure your acne with natural treatments for acne and with lowering cost. This solution with natural remedies for acne is not only temporary solution, but can remove your acne problem permanently. For a great homemade acne treatment of natural ingredients check Oatmeal Facial treatment here www.youtube.com


  • i’d like to think i don’t have a poor hygiene, so i have these nasty pimples due to genetic predisposition??? damn my genes

  • anyone noticed that you always get a pimple before you go on a date ?

  • White had c r a p, black head c r a p, have it all…

  • joakimgeliassen


  • What really worked for me back when i had problems with acne, was eating garlic and applying garlic paste on my face.

  • I’ve heard about the garlic thingie but that thing smells awfull,

  • yup, me too, hate garlic, can’t swallow the damn thing

  • For all the people hating garlic, why not try some other thing, like coriander leaves etc.

  • simply keeping my face clean doesn’t help me…will have to try some of the acne home remedies i’m reading about

  • Pimples are disgusting

  • it’s not easy to get rid of acne but there are many remedies that proved effective, read around people

  • Anyone please tell me about a good spray or cream that works

  • why does people have acne mostly in the teenage years but blackheads thru their entire life?

  • The water needs to be filterred, from a botle or it is not nessessery?

  • I have problems with acne after shaving, should I change the balsam?

  • oooo, my problem is when i get my period…. hate acne… 😛

  • don’t watch the video if you are eeating 😀

  • I’m a fan of precautions, better to prevent it than heal it later :)))

  • Stephanie Lyons

    Yes, don’t use tap water, it has chemicals. 

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  • hi guys, this one seems to be a good acne solution